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Religious Hate Crime and Britain First

I am pleased to say my MP obtained information on Religious  Hate Crime here is my reply also go to the bottom of this Blog and see a report from Britain First. Once again you do not need to support or like this group but the way they are being treated is like living in a Police State and we will have to wait for the trial to see what constitutes a Religious Hate Crime? Maybe our Police could spend as much time dealing with Religious Hate Crimes from Muslims as they do hounding this organisation. Why were members of the Terrorists group Hamas not arrested when they marched through London?

Thank you for the report. What disturbs me is that the report is based on Islamic hate crimes "religious hate crime recorded as a whole as opposed to Islamophobic hate crime specifically for which statistics are not provided. Home Office Hate Crime, England and Wales, 2016/17 statistical bulletin (p.7)" why are not all religious hate crimes not registered per religion?The question I asked  "can you tell me how many Islamic followers have been prosecuted  under the same Law" was not answered in this report what is the establishment trying to hide?

You asked how many how many hate crimes were reported in 2016/17 and how many were prosecuted.
Hate crime is defined as ‘any criminal offence which is perceived, by the victim or any other person, to be motivated by hostility or prejudice towards someone based on a personal characteristic.’ This common definition was agreed in 2007 by the police, Crown Prosecution Service, Prison Service (now the National Offender Management Service) and other agencies that make up the criminal justice system. (See Page 2 of the Home Office Hate Crime , England and Wales 2016/17 statistical bulletin)

The figure of 5,949 that you quoted for England and Wales in 2016/17 relates to religious hate crime recorded as a whole as opposed to Islamophobic hate crime specifically for which statistics are not provided. Home Office Hate Crime, England and Wales, 2016/17 statistical bulletin (p.7)

The Metropolitan police does have a database of monthly hate crimes recorded of an Islamophobic nature from October 2015. You can also search the number of Islamophobic hate crimes reported by London borough. Between April 2016 to March 2017 there were 1,266 Islamophobic hate crimes.

The Press Association following an Freedom of Information (FOI) request to 45 Police Forces in the UK of which 42 responded concerning the number of Islamophobic hate crimes directed at mosques discovered that:

·        Hate crimes targeting mosques and other Muslim places of worship across the UK more than doubled between 2016 and 2017.
·        110 hate crimes directed at mosques between March and July this year, up from just 47 over the same period in 2016
·        25 forces saw a year-on-year increase in hate crimes directed at mosques, with the biggest rise reported by Greater Manchester Police (9 crimes, up from 0) and London’s Metropolitan Police (17 crimes, up from 8).
·        Threats, harassment or other intimidating behaviour more than tripled, from 14 crimes in 2016 to 49 in 2017.
·        Violent crime against individuals more than doubled from 5 recorded crimes against worshippers at mosques in 2016 to 11 crimes in 2017.
·        Crimes recorded as vandalism or criminal damage increased from 12 in 2016 to 15 in 2017.

Due to differences in how police forces record their statistics and given that not all the police forces responded to the requests the figures are likely to be higher.

Tell Mama ( Measuring Anti-Muslim Attacks) records incidents of Islamophobia as well as providing support to its victims. Tell Mama takes and records reports from victims or witnesses of anti-Muslim incidents and crime as well as incidents of online Islamophobic abuse within and originating from the UK. The organisation also has an agreement with the National Police Chiefs Council allowing the sharing of “sanitised anti-Muslim hate crime data” from police forces in England, Wales  and Northern Ireland which includes partnership agreements with 18 separate UK police forces.

The methodology section of the Tell Mama 2016 Annual Report notes that there will always be a gap between reported incidents of hate crime and the actual number of incidents that occur as victims and witnesses may refrain from reporting incidents for a number of reasons such as a belief that nothing will happen as a result, institutional prejudice and avoiding potentially stressful and humiliating experiences. (p.26) 

The Key findings of the report regarding Islamophobic incidents were:

·        Data on Islamophobic hate crimes and incidents from 18 police forces in the UK recorded a total of 2,840 Islamophobic crimes and incidents from these police forces. The forces with the largest number of Islamophobic crimes or incidents was the Metropolitan Police Service (1,296), Greater Manchester Police (409) and the British Transport Police (230)
·        In 2016 Tell MAMA documented 642 verified anti-Muslim crimes or incidents that are classified as ‘offline’, meaning that they occurred in-person between a victim (or property) and a perpetrator. Tell MAMA has recorded a 47% increase in the number of offline incidents over the previous reporting period (2015: n=437).
·        Abusive Behaviour made up 54% (n=349) of total incidents (verbal and non-verbal abuse), 4% more than in 2015 (50%, n=219).
·        Physical Attacks made up 19% (n=120) of total incidents (including common assault, battery, as well as attempted and grievous bodily harm), 2% more than in 2015 (17%, n=74).
·        Threatening Behaviour made up 8% (n=49) of total incidents (verbal and non-verbal threats of violence), 0.5% more than in 2015 (7.5%, n=34).
·        We documented 340 anti-Muslim crimes or incidents that are classified as ‘online’, meaning they occurred on social media platforms such as Facebook or Twitter, or other Internet-based platforms. Of these, 311 were verified. This is a 15% decrease over the previous reporting period (n=364).

(Please see pp.6 - 8  and pp. 27-47 in the report for more detailed statistics from the report.)


The Crown prosecution service has data on completed prosecutions by outcome for religiously aggravated offences from 2011-12 to 2016-17. The statistics do not distinguish between the different types of religiously aggravated crimes specifically those that are Islamophobic or anti-Jewish in nature.

The below chart shows the total number of completed prosecutions for religiously aggravated offences from 2010-11 to 2016-17.


Among the key statistics reported by the Crown Prosecution Services regarding religiously aggravated crimes:

·        In 2016–17, there was a slight decrease in police referrals compared to the previous year, from 573 to 508. There was a rise in proportion of cases charged from 78.2% in the previous year to 83.1%, resulting in 422 suspects charged (however this was a fall of 26 suspects from 2015–16).
·        The volume of religious hate crime prosecutions completed fell from 737 in 2015–16 to 593 in 2016–17. This represents a fall of 144 or 19.5%.
·        The volume of convictions fell by 18% from 583 in 2015–16 to 478 in 2016–17, with a steady conviction rate of 80.6% (79.1% in 2015–16).
·         70.3% of successful outcomes were due to guilty pleas and out of all prosecutions contested at trial (excluding mixed pleas), 61.6% were convicted.
·         In 2016–17, the proportion of unsuccessful cases due to acquittal after trial represented 31.3% (36) of all unsuccessful cases, a fall from 34.4% (53) in 2015–16.


(Please see The Crown Prosecution Service Hate Crime Data Report pp.13-14)

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Yago Zayed
Social & General Statistics
Research & Information Service, House of Commons Library

Today, Deputy Leader Jayda Fransen was due to appear before the Belfast courts for a bail hearing.

A Britain First team assembled for what was supposed to be a routine 20-minute hearing, when a group of detectives swooped and arrested me!

I was held all day in a Belfast police station, interrogated and charged with the same offence that Jayda was charged with a few weeks ago.

Then, once Jayda's bail hearing ended, she herself was arrested and carted off to the police station!

After my interrogation, I was released from the station and was able to meet with supporters and update our social media accounts.

Unfortunately, Jayda is still in custody and will probably be staying in overnight to appear in court in the morning!

The police tried to apply a blanket ban on me regarding social media use, but they backed down when I said I would fight it in court.

With Jayda, however, the police have stated they will put their foot down and force it on her.

She is refusing to sign her bail sheet, which means she will be in court first thing in the morning.

The situation with the police authorities is spiralling out of control!

They are desperate to destroy us before we get too big to manage.

They are throwing everything they can at us before we reach critical mass!

Just take a moment to digest what happened today: The police arrested the leader and deputy leader of a political party and charged them with making speeches!

It's an outrageous assault on free speech and we need to fight back with every drop of blood we can muster.

Surrender is not an option. 

Both Jayda and I need your unswerving support right now to fight the police bullies!

The commissars are hoping you will 'hang us out to dry' but we are British patriots and we will join forces and fight them to the death!

Why Jerusalem CAN'T be the Capital of Palestine in 90 Seconds

Interesting Video on Jerusalem

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Soros and Clinton

Politics can be a dirty business but in the US The Clintons and the Democrats have taken it to new level read the following link. It seems that George Soros a Multi Billionaire from Hungary is using his Billions to trying influence  many countries political systems, he especially interested in the USA where it is reported to be funding the Clintons and many other dubious organisations. The more you read about this character the more you believe he wants to be the First Emperor of the World he strikes me as a typical Bond villain or Emperor Ming, just shows that the more money you have the more power and influence you have. Interesting that Clinton women and her Democratic allies kept saying that the Russians influenced the US Election, something that is slowly being seen as an untruth, yet it is George Soros who is behind influencing elections though organisations like Open Society. One wonders if he influence stretches to the House of Commons and House of Lords also does Labour's momentum get funding from organisations supported by Soros?

Another thing with US Politics they allow women to come forward and make unsubstantiated accusations against Candidates just before an election some are over 30 years old. If a crime has been committed then why has it not reported to the Police? In the UK many were accused of Pedophilia they were taken to court and some were found guilty and put in prison. Yet the Democrats always manages to find someone who supposedly was assaulted by Republicans? I wonder if these women were Democrats or were they offered financial reward or were they just seeking justice as they expect us to believe? They should be brought to task if they cannot prove what they are saying then they should be prosecuted.

The Remainers are using any trick they can find to stop us leaving the EU but at least they have not sunk to the level the Political Elite in the US seem to be doing WELL NOT YET 

Wednesday, December 06, 2017


I read the Biography of Enoch Powell many years ago and you could not be impressed by his life. Yet he became the person to Hate by the Lefty Snowflakes especially after his Rivers of Blood speech but I wonder how many had read the speech? Have a look a speech made in 1968 and tell me he was wrong. The government were wrong on Immigration then and they are wrong today

Religious Hatred

You may not like Britain First but the prosecution and harassment by Kent Police and NIPS needs looking at. It seems they are being charged with Religious hatred but have any you actually seen what the Political Police Force have seen or will we ever know what was actually said, I looked on the Web but cannot find anything maybe you can direct me? What I do know Britain First along with Tommy Robinson have been very critical of Islam but being critical of Islam is not Religious Hatred.
Our Prime Minister has said she see nothing wrong with Islamic Sharia Law, ask the question how can the UK have two types of Justice Systems? Especially as the Islamic Law contradicts many of what we call British Justice she then said Islam was a Religion of Peace, which it is not please read

So why do the Establishment, Police and Politicians carry on with the promotion of Islam above other Religions? If Britain First has broken the new law on religious hatred then sadly they will be punished but when will we see the same law applied to Muslims and will Muslim Clerics who incite religious hatred be banned from this Country?

May is making a complete mess on Brexit and because of this the Elephant in the room ISLAM is being ignored, May and the establishment must realise that the Law of this Land applies to everyone not just those who disagree with them. Hopefully May will soon be gone and we return to having a strong PM

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Donald Trump Welcome

See the Left leading organisation 38 Degrees are campaigning to stop Donald Trump but never seem to complain about despots and dictators visiting this Country maybe they can tell me different?

I would welcome the President of the USA and any other Leader of a Democratic Countries visiting this country it seems many leftwing Snowflakes forget Trump was elected by the people of the USA and has made major in roads in the USA it is a pity our own Politicians do not put the interest of their electorate before their Left Wing ideology

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Saturday, December 02, 2017

Navy For Lewis

Friday was a proud day for the Clarke Family, John's Son Lewis has been training with the Royal Navy and he passed out Friday. Sadly I booked our Holiday and missed the Parade but never the less both Val and myself felt very proud and we mad sure every one at the hotel knew about it. I know my Mum and Dad would be looking down from heaven with great affection. John said he had a lump in his throat and I believe him a day not be forgotten
Proud Dad with Lewis

 Dad with Son Harry 

Holiday Adeje 17

I am in to my 5th Day of my holiday in Costa Adeje Tenerife and it has been great. The Guayarmina Princess Hotel is the best I have been to in my 6 visits here; the food is fantastic (which is not helping my diabetes), staff great, facilities great. I was bit dubious about going All Inclusive again as we have had some bad experiences in the past but this 5 star hotel was no worries.

The entertainment was first class looked round the Bar area and saw all these old people and suddenly realised I was one of them, it was a pleasure to see many of them doing proper dancing i.e. quickstep etc. When I started courting Valerie she tried to get me to go dancing lesson, in those days I thought this would affect my macho image, I remember saying to her next you will want me to wear a pink
shirt. How wrong I was and how right she was as I watched people my age performing those dances. Just prove image is not everything, I have included a lot of photos to bore you with

Women's Dress Code (according to the Quran) Truth on Islamic dress

Monday, November 27, 2017

women arrested for speech against Islam

You must all watch this video the POLICE have become a tool of the Establishment PC does not mean Police Constable any more. Interesting Yesterday an article appeared where Landlords in PM Mays constituency want to ban her because Police are underfunded NO it not under funding it is inappropriate use of funds. Interesting she was charged with hate speech against Islam yet Muslims can continually demonstrate without impunity and in June the terrorist organisation Hezbollah were allowed to parade in London with their Flag with the consent of Muslim London mayor.

Friday, November 17, 2017

World Sambo Championships 2017

World Sport Sambo and Combat Sambo Championships

Sochi Russia

November 9-13 2017

This event gets bigger every year this year we had 90 countries and a 1000 entries. What is also very exciting is that the Standard is ever increasing and here is no such thing as an easy draw, of course the old Eastern Block countries still dominate but the gap between them and the rest is getting closer

Ice Palace

The event was staged at the Ice Palace Sochi Olympic Village, this venue was massive and on several occasions I got lost in the corridors. I was told in 2010 this area was a Forest and in 4 years they built the whole Village ready for the Winter Olympics in 2014, I am also told it is to be the venue of the Football World Cup. Sochi Olympic Village is like a mini Disney Land right by the Black Sea.
Hotel Bogatyr

As President of the British Sombo/Sambo Federation I was a VIP and had an excellent Hotel called the Bogatyr, the competitors Coaches did not have the same quality of accommodation and Food. They stopped at the Athlete quarters, which was similar to a Tenement Block. The Theme of the Bogatyr Hotel was one of a mystical European Castle with English heritage playing a major influence, Knights in Armour etc.

The Journey out was certainly not enjoyable with us having to change at Moscow with just a 2 hour gap because of heightened security we literally had to run to catch our connecting flight, even at the Hotel we had to go through scanners and had our baggage checked. At the time it was very annoying but on hindsight it did make you feel safe.

The event always start with the FIAS Congress where the Presidents of all the Countries meet , have to say because of various election the Congress last 4 ½ hours. It was pleasing that Vasily Shestakov was voted back in as FIAS President under his direction FIAS has expanded and he has helped the BSF out on several occasions.
Martin Clarke & President Shestokov
The following 3 days are competitions, which as expected were very, exciting but is was day 3 we were looking forward to when our only player Ryan Cottom fought u82k Sport Sambo. Another interesting point was told that everything was falling apart in Libya and Syria but they still manage to send teams?

For many years we have not won a match at this competition but Ryan who is coached by John Clarke at the Warriors Grappling Academy Sittingbourne has trained hard this year. His first match was a against a strong Moroccan, the Moroccans have had Russian Coaches for some time and you could see this in their fighting ability, he won this with a few points to spare. 
His next Match was against the Japanese Samboist, this was a strange match as we were expecting a Judo stylist but no the player wanted to just shoot at the legs at one point he tried a Scissor throw which nearly broke Ryan’s leg. He was certainly an unorthodox fighter and Ryan beat him with some flair but only after damaging his ankle. He was carried to the Medical Area by Robin Hyslop where they told him to withdrew but in true English spirit he said No, they then gave him painkillers and injection (do not ask what) and back on the Mat to fight the Russian. If he had been 100% he would still have struggled to get by this fighter and he lost 8 nil. His next fight was against a Libyan; he started well picking his opponent up shoulder high and throwing him to his side he got a 2 for this but many of us thought it was worth a 4 but then disaster he tried to spin in with his favourite throw only to have ankle collapse he fell to the floor and was arm locked.

Yet he had fought well something we were all proud off especially as only 4 us attended the World Championships, Myself Martin Clarke BSF President, Valerie Clarke BSF Committee member and Robin Hyslop Scottish President. Modern day British Players always complain that they can not afford it yet I and others have been attending this event since 1985 at their own expense if you want something bad enough you find the money. Interesting the Dutch, Germans and USA team all brought a significant team and they were all self-funding. After speaking to various committee members we will be selecting players later this year for a British Squad. Sport Sambo will be expected to attend the British Open Folkestone plus other events; Combat Sambo will be expected to attend the British Open Scotland and North West Liverpool. In this way players can raise their own sponsorship plus the BSF will continue you to try and raise funds

Women Heavyweights

On a personal note I have always found the Russian people very nice helpful people for example we had a Taxi into Sochi Centre, the wife wanted  a Russian Hat for a friend, it is an experience going in a Russian Taxi driving at a mad speed, speaking on the phone and looking at his tab. Yet when we got to Sochi he insisted on showing us round  the Shopping Centre then drove us to a couple of Markets to look for this hat and accompanied us, now that is what I call service. Speaking to the Russian people you can tell they are very supportive of Putin and cannot understand why he is not invited to GB especially when our government invite dictators from other countries?

With regard Government support, UKSport only fund Olympic Sports and only those that win medals so I am told. So we win Olympic Medals and make Millionaire Olympic Sportsman from Taxpayers money and the UKSport answer is that the Olympics encourage people to do sport? Yet this is not the case read the link Surely the answer is to spread the money to all sports, which will encourage people from Non Olympic Sports to participate. The time has come to realise that using the Olympics so that Politicians of all parties can brag how good this country is because we win medals needs to stop what they should concentrate on the amount of people participating in sport. Sport is not just about Elite Athletes.

Below are some links you want to look at, I know Robin has taken hundreds of photos so look out for his Facebook

Photo’s Worlds